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Ein Restaurant auf Zeit eröffnen? Geht nicht? Geht doch! Geile spaces bei GoPop-Up finden und Eurem Traum steht nichts mehr im Weg. 
Für das perfekte Launch Event, haben wir nun ein paar Tipps & Tricks zusammengetragen! Den Originalartikel findet ihr HIER.


How To Feed Your Crowd: 5 Tips For Your Pop-Up Event

If you are opening a pop-up store, there are a lot of ways to make the crowd happy. Try to think out of the box, do something new, something different. There are tons of possibilities of making the night special with a few little tricks.

1. Think about a maximum budget you can spend for your opening party. 
How many people are expected? Do you need any equipment? Any ideas, what you wanna serve? Don’t panic, if you have a small budget, you can make something great out of it e.g. offer some „Frozen Drinks” from SchleckDruff to cheer up the crowd.

2. Keep your concept in mind. 
Always choose food & drinks that will go with the overall idea of your pop-up. You don’t have to go crazy, but putting that initial thought into what your crowd might love, will make choosing and communicating with your vendors so much smoother.

3. Always serve alcohol.
Think about serving cool bottled drinks, so you don’t have the hassle of cleaning glasses and you reduce the risk of creating a huge mess. If you are a pro, talk to young & new brands and cooperate with them (e.g. BRLO is a berlin-based brewery start-up – and they are awesome!). A lot of those brands will love to present their products at your party and maybe even sponsor some drinks for free.

4. Serve nice & easy fingerfood (and a burger is not fingerfood) that can be eaten in one bite. 
Fingers stay clean, the stuff you are selling as well. You don’t want stains all over everything. Maybe think about „Flying Fingerfood“ since a buffet might look a bit gross after a while.

5. Think about the details. 
Have someone collecting empty bottles, dirty napkins etc. Keep your place clean! Have something where people can put there bottles – cocktail tables or other free space.

Opening a pop-up shop is super exciting and you definitely wanna make it exceptional. The opening day/night/afternoon or whatsoever should be THE special event for you and your customers. Regardless that organizing an event can be fun, it is super time consuming. There are startups like heycater! that help you to find the perfect and exceptional catering for your event. Choose between the coolest caterers, easily book and pay online. Then you can concentrate on pimping the shop for the big day and getting started!

About the author

Sophie Radtke, co-founder of the Berlin based startup heycater! regularly writes for her blog gastroinferno, where she explores new food concepts and shares recipes. Sophie worked as a business development manager at Foodora before focusing on her own idea. With heycater! she connects the best food vendors with those seeking the hippest and yummiest catering in town. “Make every meal a special event!” is part of her credo.

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